Our Members

Any independent and/or specialist Investment firm is able to apply for membership. Membership is not automatic and a sub-committee of the board will consider each application as it is made. The membership sub-committee aims to make decisions as quickly as possible. Our membership year runs from 30th November to the 1st December. The membership fee structure is outlined below:

2023/2024 IIMI Membership fees (per annum):

London based firms (within the M25):
AUM > $500m : £4,500
$500m> AUM > $100m : £2,250
AUM <$100m : £1,125

Firms based outside of London
AUM > $500m : £2,800
$500m> AUM > $100m : £1,400
AUM <$100m : £700

If your organisation is a start-up and you have just begun your asset-raising journey, we are delighted to offer you a two-year grace period on fees as we support you in your growth.

For more information please see our Charter and Membership Application Form.

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