1. IIMI’s core values

1.1  IIMI is an association of independent asset management firms.

1.2  The core values of the IIMI are independence, alignment of interests, transparency and responsibility.

1.3  IIMI is a not for profit organisation which has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.

2. IIMI’s purpose

2.1  IIMI’s main objectives are to promote and enhance the credibility of the asset management industry, to provide a forum and a voice for the industry to comment on proposals which may have an impact on the industry and to restore confidence in the financial sector amongst small and large clients and investors.

2.2  IIMI will be an advocate for honest advice and best practice in the financial sector.

2.3  IIMI will become an active participant in the public debate on issues affecting the financial sector and the economy.

2.4  IIMI will enable independent asset managers to discuss and express their views in a credible and consistent manner.

2.5  IIMI will become a primary source of ideas for governments in the UK and the European Union and for other interested industry participants by providing them with expert advice on ways to reform the industry and restore public confidence in the financial sector.

2.6  IIMI will promote alternatives to large banking institutions before a larger base of investors and clients.

3. Membership

3.1  Members of IIMI (“Members”) will be independent asset managers approved by the Board or a committee.

3.2  Members will agree to be bound by the IIMI Charter and the IIMI Articles of Association.

4. IIMI’s strategy

4.1  IIMI will make intelligent comment on public policy issues including but not limited to taxation, regulation, accounting/audit, competitiveness and pensions.

4.2  IIMI will publish position or policy papers from time to time on issues which may affect members. The Independent Investment Management Institute is incorporated in England & Wales as a private company limited by guarantee Company registration number 7250381
Registered Office: 21-27 Lambs Conduit Street, London, England, WC1N 3GS
Telephone: 020 7157 9541 email:

4.3  IIMI will hold periodic high profiled speakers lunches or dinners facilitating the exchange of ideas and gaps in knowledge as well as being an opportunity to influence policy thinking and development.

4.4  IIMI may organise seminars for Members’ clients or investors to present position papers, policies or on any other relevant educational or informative matter.

5. IIMI’s operations

5.1  IIMI shall have a board of directors (the “Board”) drawn from members, but it may also draw on the experience of independent directors.

5.2  Members will pay an annual membership fee to the IIMI. The amount of the fee will be determined by the Board.

5.3  IIMI is a loose federation with a minimal executive (the “Executive”) to support the Board.

5.4  The Board is to have access to sufficient resources to research issues and to produce draft policy papers in relation to those issues.

5.5  The Board is responsible for the strategic planning of low level but yet sustained public relations practices.

5.6  IIMI shall have a mechanism in place for commissioning study papers examining areas of policy which affect or are of interest to the financial sector.