Policy Papers

Carpe Diem: Advice and Opportunities from the Boutique SME Asset Management Sector to the Future of Financial Services

NCI considers the unique and considered perspective of its members, the SMEs of the asset management industry and broader financial services, in guiding a path for the future of financial services. The political and regulatory response to the Global Financial Crisis led to a focus on larger firms and the banking sector, and reforms implemented in response have sometimes led to unintended consequences, for example in the effect of liquidity regulations on the asset management sector and increased barriers to entry. Now that ten years have passed, and with the UK’s focus on opportunities for the future, NCI submits that it is now the time for an alternative, bottom-up approach that draws from the wisdom and efforts of the SME sector. Drawing upon its past work, NCI shows how its members offer a distinct and important contribution to the debate about the future of financial services, concluding that any consultations and working parties must include their representatives to give the optimal outcome for the broader economy and society.