Policy Papers

Digital Assets: Boutiques Express Their Scepticism

In a macro environment where revenue-generating opportunities have been fairly limited, it is no surprise that investors are searching for alpha in some of the more esoteric corners of the market. In some instances, investors – both retail and institutional – have accumulated positions in digital assets, such as crypto-currencies. 

This paper by the Independent Investment Management Initiative (IIMI) argues that crypto-currencies and StableCoins need to be subject to stringent oversight and regulation. Additionally, the paper will examine some of the benefits and challenges of other digital assets – namely security tokens and CBDCs (central bank digital currencies). 

IIMI’s Calls For Action 

  • IIMI members are sceptical about the merits of unregulated crypto-currencies, and we welcome further regulatory oversight of this marketplace, including greater oversight of crypto-asset service providers – especially in light of recent events. 
  • Although IIMI’s membership is largely agnostic about tokenisation, this technology has the potential to improve access to retail investment in the future.